Friday, February 12, 2016

Serendipity at #RootsTech

imageHere’s an Instagram post by Risa Terburg Baker about a serendipitous friend she made last week at RootsTech. Thanks, Risa, for letting me share this.

When you go to Roots Tech, and meet a friend named Stacy Julian. You like her so much that you eat lunch with her 2 days in a row. Then you go to the class she is teaching, and she speaks to your creative family oriented craft loving mama heart. During class she starts talking about her great great great great grandpa, Alexander Hill. The story is familiar. You think Wait a minute... That's my great great great great grandpa too! You think, "I was drawn to her for a reason." Happy day at RootsTech! #RootsTech #RootsTech2016 #rootstechforever #FamilyIsEverything #FamilyHistory

Thanks, Risa, for letting me share.

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