Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Ancestry Academy Courses

Ancestry Academy Short, Hosted VideosEarlier this month released a new kind of course on its Ancestry Academy product: free quicktips. Each are five minutes are less. The initial set talk about basics on the U.S. Federal Census:

They also have new courses for several states. See “New on Ancestry Academy: Short Courses and State Classes” on the Ancestry blog for more information.


  1. I just tried to watch the one on the whereabouts of the 1890 census--I know where it is, but I was curious to hear waht they might find to say about it, beyond "It was all pretty much destroyed in a huge conflagration". But while your link connected me, so I could see the top page and the arrow you click to begin a program, nothing happened. I also tried from my Ancestry account and got an "Oops". Very tired of "Oops."

    1. * "Much of it" was destroyed in the fire.
      * The fire convinced Congress to spend money on a new Archives building.
      * Some select counties survived They are listed very generically, like "Georgia - 1 county", etc.
      * Some survived pages show smoke & water damage, with examples.
      * The format of 1890 is very different, with examples.
      * You should maintain your smoke detectors!!


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