Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Mailbox:’s Crista Cowan Podcasts

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Ancestry Insider,

I love Crista Cowan and used to listen to her via podcast when I’d walk in the morning.  Then all of a sudden I couldn’t find her in my strings any more.  What happened?  Do you know?  Is there a way to get her YouTube videos back into my podcast list on my phone?   So sad….


Dear Marg,

I asked about this. Ancestry says Crista’s podcasts are only on YouTube now. YouTube used to allow automatic cross-posting to iTunes, but they had a fight and that is no longer possible. You could watch them using the YouTube iPhone app, but if you do that out walking, it will use up a considerable amount of data. If you pay for a YouTube Red subscription, some videos can be downloaded for viewing offline. However, not all videos can be downloaded and I don’t know if Ancestry allows theirs to be. In any case, using YouTube will not be as straightforward as iTunes podcasts.

There are other genealogy related podcasts to consider. Some iTunes general interest genealogy podcasts that I know about are:

---The Ancestry Insider


  1. If it is just a matter of "listening" to the videos, there are a handful of free online tools that will download the audio from YouTube videos, and convert them into .MP3 format for your personal use. This is one example --

  2. I have a genealogy related podcast for genealogy news. You can find in iTunes just look for genealogy news. Also at my website you can find a list of current genealogy podcasts.

  3. Also "The Forget-Me-Not Hour" with Jane E. Wilcox, most easily found by searching janeewilcox. This comes out every other week.

  4. Here are three more relating to genealogy:
    Research at the National Archives - Bernice Bennett
    The Forget-Me-Not Hour - The Genealogy Professional Podcast - Marian Pierre-Louis


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