Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Mailbox: Change Your Email Address

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Ancestry Insider,

Hi--love to read your newsletter.  I have a new email address and can't find anyplace on your site to "change my profile." 

Lin Hines

Dear Lin,

Thank you. You are very kind.

To change your email address, add your new one and unsubscribe your old one. To add your new email address, use the "Subscribe via email" box at the top of the right column at To cancel your old email address, use the "Unsubscribe now" link at the bottom of any newsletter.

---The Ancestry Insider


  1. To the wife who is upset because FTM is going away, did you know that ROOTS MAGIC (version 7) will be able to connect to Ancestry trees? It already connects to FamilySearch as well as other websites. You can easily upgrade to Roots Magic!!

    Brenda in Iowa

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