Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Mailbox: BillionGraves

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxHi Ancestry Insider,

I want to help with some gravestones as I have many, but they weren't done on a cell phone.  I have them as jpgs.  Does billiongraves use them as well or only with my cell app?


Dear Sonja,

I checked the BillionGraves FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and found this:

If I have pictures on my computer of a cemetery, can I upload them to BillionGraves?

One of the core ideas of the BillionGraves project is to record these pictures with their GPS location so that others will be able to find it again and so that researchers can search for others buried nearby. Pictures with a digital camera won't have the GPS location attached so we recommend simply retaking those pictures the next time you are in the cemetery.

On rare occasions we will accommodate photos of headstones from other devices. If you have pictures of cemeteries that are difficult to locate, travel to, or of headstones that have since been damaged, destroyed, or removed, please contact us at and we are happy to review your request and make appropriate arrangements.

Hope that helps,

---The Ancestry Insider


  1. That's a shame. My non-phone point and shoot camera does have GPS support (Nikon COOLPIX AW120). Many SLR camera have GPS support these days too.

  2. If the photos on your computer were taken with a camera with GPS support, and the GPS data is still attached to the photos, you could transfer the photos to your cell phone and then upload them to BillionGraves using the cell phone.

  3. Find a Grave would love your photos!

  4. Now I know why my photos were not welcomed at that site. I disabled the GPS feature on purpose (I don't have a smartphone either!). I had photographed 4 cemeteries in the middle of a large military impact area that is open only ONE day a year on Memorial day. Their loss!

  5. findagrave is a much better source for additional information any way. Put them there. Billion graves will never be the site that findagrave is.

    1. Too right, Billion, Go Jump, what next, fancy not allowing photos of grave sites.
      Their loss Findagrave gains as stated and a much better use friendly site and they will gladly accept any photo placed on their site.

    2. There is plenty of inaccurate information on FindAGrave. Also, I agree with BillionGraves' concept of having all of the sites GPS located. With the help of cemetery staff, I was able to locate the burial site of an ancestor buried in the "public lot" with no headstone, and upload that specific GPS location to BillionGraves. Now that information is available for other descendants to find. Both sites have their purpose, and theirs is precise locations.


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