Tuesday, June 28, 2016

AncestryDNA Database Reaches Two Million

AncestryDNA Reaches Two Million MilestoneAncestry.com announced last week that their DNA database has reached two million test results. “We are excited to announce that AncestryDNA has just reached the 2-million-tested milestone,” said Anna Swayne, AncestryDNA product manager. “It was just a little over 11 months ago that we reached the 1 million mark, so the AncestryDNA database has doubled in just short of one year.”

Through their DNA product Ancestry has found 7.4 million probable cousins of 3rd degree or closer. They have estimated 7.7 new “Ancestor” Discoveries. (More correctly, those are “Relative” Discoveries. See my article, “AncestryDNA New Ancestor Discoveries.” The have established 5.1 million DNA circles.

AncestryDNA is now available in 37 countries. Ancestry.com has 70 million trees and 17 billion records.


  1. As a seasoned genealogist, my experience with AncestryDNA has been quite disappointing. Firstly, many replies to messages are absent IE, no reply!
    Secondly, many participants have a short family tree, if any.

    My advice to all is transfer the raw data to another system. And additionally use GEDmatch as much as possible. At least there, participants respond!

  2. I got FTDNA long before Ancestry.com started their campaign of testing DNA. I wish I could transfer or somehow copy my results to Ancestry to see if I can find any recent matches there. I can't justify two test that come to the same conclusion.

  3. Based on Ancestry's record with respect to DNA (recall their Y-DNA and the late Sorenson data), I find it hard to trust their future stewardship of the data they are collecting now.


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