Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ask a Librarian -- Florida's Virtual Reference Service

I notice several dozen libraries in Florida offer real-time chat with librarians. (Ask a Librarian -- Florida's Virtual Reference Service) If Florida does it, maybe other libraries of interest to you do it too. Here's an idea. If you have a quick genealogical lookup request, try out real-time chat with a librarian.


  1. Ask a Librarian is a free online service that allows FLORIDIANS to chat live with a librarian for immediate assistance. A trained information professional can guide you to the answers you need in minutes rather than wasting hours navigating hundreds of unhelpful and irrelevant web sites. More than 90 libraries statewide collaborate to provide this service to their patrons and the patrons of other participating libraries. Ask a Librarian is a joint project of the College Center for Library Automation and the Tampa Bay Library Consortium. Ask a Librarian is funded as part of the Florida Electronic Library by a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant.

  2. Dear sajosovic,

    The service is for FLORIDIANS. Got it. What about floridians? Can they use it too? ;-)

    -- The A.I.

  3. I emphasized FLORIDIANS to point out that this service
    is only available to residents of the state of Florida.


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