Monday, February 13, 2012

Help Save the SSDI

Dear Ancestry Insider,

Call to Action - Help Save the Social Security Death Index 

Your help is needed in our Stop ID Theft NOW! campaign and our efforts to preserve the Social Security Death Index as an accessible record set for genealogists and family historians.

What you can do:

  1. Learn more at the SSDI FAQ here.     
  2. Sign the We The People petition at    
  3. Spread the word, especially to your genealogy society members and colleagues. Forward this email to them or send them the SSDI petition press release - download it here.

Our goal is to get as many signatures, as quickly as possible, so that the solutions to fraudulent tax refund claims based upon identity theft from recently deceased infants & adults can be taken seriously and implemented immediately. Doing so will help us ensure that the SSDI is available to not just genealogists, but all researchers and information professionals who rely upon its contents.

Thank you!

Note: click here for step-by-step instructions on using the We The People site to sign the petition. Some users have reported issues with creating an account and signing the petition.

Do not let technical difficulties keep you from signing! Contact if you encounter problems - we're here to help!

Follow all the latest SSDI and other records access news at the RPAC blog at

The Records Preservation and Access Committee

Dear Readers,

I heartily endorse these efforts to save the SSDI. The petition is one step in that process. As I write this we are far short of the goal of 25,000 by 8 March 2012. The only way to reach the goal is by involving your family and friends.

After signing the petition yourself, promote it on:

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