Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Are Wasting Your Money

“You are wasting your money,” said Anne Mitchell, if you aren’t clicking through to see images on “Always look at the image.”

Anne Mitchell (product manager) and Crista Cowan (community alliance manager) of co-presented “Five New Things to Try at” at RootsTech.

Unfortunately, when you follow Ancestry as closely as I do, “five new things” wasn’t  five new things. However, there were a few things that I haven’t reported on before.

All Hints Page has introduced an “All Hints Page.” Click in the box “Find a Person In this Tree,” then select “List of All People.” Just above the list you can select between “List of All People” and “People with Hints.” has added a list of all hints

“Find hints that have been generated within the last 90 days, or focus on specific types of hints.” Hints can be filtered to show records, photographs, stories, or hints to other members’ trees.

Live Broadcasts 

Ancestry has started doing live broadcasts almost every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11 MST (1 pm EST). Go to to participate. The presenter sticks around afterwards to answer questions via live chat. Recent broadcasts have been as short as six minutes and as long as 25.

Past broadcasts are archived on and are available 4 or 5 hours after the presentation.

Send suggestions for topics to

Sticky Notes

Ancestry has announced a new blog, Sticky Notes. The blog’s stated purpose is to share stories and ask questions.

After cancelled her 24-7 Family History Circle blog, it’s nice to see Juliana Smith has a new home.

Send your stories or contact Sticky Notes at

It wasn’t five new things. But three of five isn’t too bad. I guess I wasn’t wasting time or money.


  1. Do other long-time and constant users of Ancestry feel frustrated by the Hints setup? Does anyone else wish they would look at the wording and stop inferring that the Hint is perfectly correct and we are all wrong?
    For instance, if we know a birthdate is 25 December 1891, should we be pushed to enter December 1891 with no day.

  2. Yes, I agree with Old Census Scribe. I find the hints ot be quite frustrating esp. when I find that they are wrong (& I have proof they're wrong) & ancestry allows no way to correct/stop/ignore the hints. In fact I pretty much gave looking at hints.

  3. This prompted me to not click on 'review hint', but the link next to it, to the record itself. This way, I can review myself, instead of letting a website do the reviewing for me. Also, I rarely review a hint that is just another Ancestry tree.


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