Thursday, February 16, 2012

RootsTech Wrap Up

Saturday, 4 February was the last day of the RootsTech conference. The conference was larger and more successful than its debut year. Attendees came from every state and many countries, including Nigeria and India. Attendance was also up, as evidenced by the many “sold out” sessions. The many bodies overcame the air conditioning of many rooms. The many electronic devices overcame the Wi-Fi capacity.

Blogger Beads

Thomas MacEntee carries on a great tradition at national genealogical conferences. Thomas writes GeneaBloggers, “the genealogy community's resource for genealogy blogging.” Thomas passes out beads to genealogy bloggers.

I asked Randy Seaver to take a picture of Thomas and me (below). For some reason my beads barely show while his are hard to miss. Thomas says he starts the conference with small beads, but they grow. Can you can tell from the photograph whether it was taken at the beginning or end of the conference? (Thanks, Randy and Thomas!)

Thomas MacEntee and the Ancestry Insider at RootsTech 2012

This concludes my coverage of RootsTech. See you next year!

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