Saturday, February 14, 2015

FamilySearch Partnerships: Get the Inside Scoop! (#RootsTech #RTATEAM)

At RootsTech, Ryan Koelliker and John Owens presented a session titled “FamilySearch Partnerships: Get the Inside Scoop!” (I think they said they work for the Partner-Services Division.)

There are quite a few partnerships. FamilySearch has over 60 certified partner applications. There are two types of partner applications. One type taps into the information on, such as Famiily Tree. FamilySearch added 36 new partner applications in 2014. They plan to add 98 new partner applications in 2015.

Why is FamilySearch doing this? Three reasons:

  1. Because of you.
  2. “It’s a pretty big world. It would be crazy for us to think we can serve all the problems through FamilySearch,” said Koelliker. We are not just dealing with the living. Partners might be able to pull stories out of the many cultures and geographies that FamilySearch can’t.
  3. Without a vibrant community, you can turn out like Blackberry instead of like Apple and Google.

At FamilySearch, we don’t believe we are in competition with our partners because we have two, totally different objectives.

FamilySearch Family Tree is a very powerful and useful place. The Tree, in combination with partners, is even better.


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