Monday, February 2, 2015

Insider Ketchup–

Ancestry Insider KetchupI was on the road last weekend. I had little time. There were several news items about that I wanted to write about. Time to ketchup…

AncestryDNA Available

AncestryDNA testing is now available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. One of the advantages this brings to American researchers is the possibility of jumping the pond. Since autosomal DNA matching is only effective for recent generations, this works if you have dead ends that occur in the mid- to late-1800s. As the pool of testers increases in the UK and Ireland, your chances of finding a cousin that didn’t immigrate gets better and better. The current size of the American pool has grown to more than 700,000. For more information, read “Get Ready To Meet Your European Cousins with AncestryDNA” on the blog or read the press release on the corporate website.

Ancestry YouTube Channel

FamilySearch isn’t the only publisher with an extensive set of learning videos. The Ancestry YouTube Channel contains many. According to,

t Ancestry, we work hard to provide you with the best educational tools available through our Learning Center and our Social Media networks. One of our most popular destinations is our YouTube channel where there are hundreds of videos available to view free, on demand.

For a five minute introduction, view “Exploring the Ancestry YouTube Channel” on the Ancestry YouTube Channel. Announces New Corporate Headquarters

Architect's rendition of new headquartersLast week, announced that they will build a new corporate headquarters in Lehi, Utah. The area in Lehi has become very popular among local businesses. It is situated at the far north end of Utah Valley, which makes it easier to draw employees from both the Salt Lake and Utah valleys. It is closer to the freeway than’s current office. And it cuts travel time to the Salt Lake City International Airport by 15 minutes. MyHeritage, who used to have an office across the street from’s Provo headquarters, previously made the move to Lehi.

For more information, see the press release on the corporate website.

Ancestry iOS App Upgrade

The latest update to the Ancestry iOS App, version 6.3, offers some improvements to the process of attaching records to your tree. Titled “Smart Matching,” the App now uses the same algorithms as the web version when searching for possible matches. When attaching a record to a person in your tree, new facts are automatically selected for copying into your tree. Conflicting facts do not replace the values in the tree, although you can make that happen. New people are not automatically added to your tree, although you can make that happen, also. The record comparison screen shows the information side-by-side and highlights differences. Tap a record icon to see the full record. Tap a person’s name to see full information from the tree.

For more information, read “Better Tools on Ancestry iOS App for Saving Records” on the Blog.

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