Monday, February 3, 2014

Tell What You Think

Photo of a woman volunteering - courtesy FeaturePics“Customer feedback is the backbone of developing a great product,” said spokesperson, Matthew Deighton to me in a recent e-mail. They are beginning a new effort to study their customers.

“We have some in-person opportunities at RootsTech to kickoff this expanded initiative,” said Lisa R. Handalian, Senior User Researcher. “We're looking for Ancestry enthusiasts to provide feedback on some new concepts on the website experience.”

They will be conducting sessions on Thursday, 6 February, and Friday, 7 February. There are two ways you can participate:

  • A 90 minute focus group from 4:30 – 6:00 PM each day, where they will look at the Profile Page of people in your tree to understand how you use it and what new features you'd like to see. You will be asked to pull up interesting people in your tree to share with the group.
  • A 50 minute one-on-one interview session where a member of the Product Research team will walk you through some new concepts and get your input. They will conduct these sessions at seven times each day.

To participate you need an active account with a tree. To be considered, follow the link below and fill out the survey. They will confirm your participation and set up scheduling.


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    1. I would suggest getting more competent database programmers. Having a lock on billions of records that cannot be accessed due to an inept search tool means you have no records.

      Making pretty leaf matches in the atDNA does NOT mean that two individuals share a string of matching DNA. It only means they have ancestors in common on their family tree. NOT the same thing. Using GedMatch, I have seen this time and again. Without a chromosome browser, we have no verifiable matches.

  2. I won't be at Roots Tech. I hope someone selected will speak to the need for something like a chromosome browser in Ancestry DNA, so we can see where the matches are, and who else matches at the same place.

  3. This should say PAID subscription to I am very active on site but my subscription has lapsed therefor I am not eligible.

  4. As expensive as Ancestry is, and I have been a member forever it seems, Why can't you at least provide a service that let's you know if you are on the right track in your genealogy quest?

  5. if people are going to post their trees on they should not make them private unless the people are living.


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