Monday, April 2, 2012

1940 Census 10:00 EDT Status Report

8:00 MDT Status report


  1. Thank you so much for the update on all these sources! It is very helpful to see someone is tracking it. I will be checking back.
    This a.m. during the Archives opening event q&a a blogger said that some of her readers in Europe were getting access to the indexing just fine.
    When the gentleman who described the cloud computing side of the "roll out" process said that they begin w/a small # of servers then as more people log on, more automatically come on line--I was hopeful. However, I now think there is a hiccup in the automatic part or the speed w/which the cloud comes online.
    Any information along those lines or expectations as to when it will be available for all would be helpful.

  2. Thank you for indexing Philomath, here in Benton County, Oregon! We appreciate you help.
    Danell Aukerman
    President, Benton County Genealogical Society (Oregon)


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