Monday, April 2, 2012

History is Still Waiting - #1940Census

1940 Census History Is STILL Waiting

1940 Census 4:00pm EDT Status Report.

I’ve updated my 1940 Census button shown to the right. FamilySearch leads in states loaded by one. holds the lead for total states and territories. NARA/ is still mostly crashed. FindMyPast doesn’t intend to post images today. MyHeritage does intend to do so.

  • – Commenters have pointed out that just because includes a state in the interface dropdown, it doesn’t mean that all the images are present. Images available for four states (and these territories): American Samoa, Delaware, District of Columbia, Guam, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, Panama Canal, Virgin Islands. Image load is in progress for California, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia.
  • – FamilySearch has finished loading the five states they pre-announced: Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia.
  • – No indexing projects. None are projected until 10 MDT this evening.
  • – Basically “crashed” because of large demand. Displays text only. Couldn’t get images to display.
  • – A spokesperson for Find My Past says they will start posting images in a couple of days and have all of them up in the next two weeks.
  • – Couldn’t find any 1940 data on their site, but does have a link to the NARA site, which they host.
  • – Couldn’t find any 1940 data.

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