Monday, April 2, 2012

#1940Census 6:20pm EDT Status Report

1940 Census History Is STILL Waiting

FamilySearch Indexing has released the first indexing project early. Projects for the first states are available now!

NARA/ pushed live a new copy of the website software around 4pm EDT hoping to solve problems, but problems persist. The requirement from NARA specified that had to support a load of 10 million hits per day, with the ability to handle even larger loads on demand. According to a spokesperson for hosting company,, NARA got 37 million hits between 9am and 5:17pm EDT. issued this statement.

  • – Images available for four states (and these territories): American Samoa, Delaware, District of Columbia, Guam, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, Panama Canal, Virgin Islands.

    Image load is in progress for California, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia.
  • – FamilySearch has finished loading the five states they pre-announced: Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia.
  • – FamilySearch has finished loading these states: Delaware, Oregon, Virginia.
  • – Basically “crashed” because of large demand. Displays text only. Couldn’t get images to display. They tried revving the software around 4pm EDT, but no luck.
  • – A spokesperson for Find My Past says they will start posting images in a couple of days and have all of them up in the next two weeks.
  • – Couldn’t find any 1940 data on their site, but does have a link to the NARA site, which they host.
  • – Couldn’t find any 1940 data.


  1. Thanks for the the heads up that indexing projects were available. Just downloaded, indexed, and submitted a batch with no hitches!

  2. Finally, thanks to Family Search, was able to find my husband's grandparents in Colorado! Now, come on Iowa...somebody! Tried to access NARA again, no luck still (8:05 pm Colorado).


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