Saturday, April 28, 2012

1940 First Indexer Award

1940 Census First Indexer AwardThe displayer of this badge certifies that he or she is a proud indexer of the 1940 Census.

1. Name: Ancestry Insider

2. First Indexed: April 2012

3. First Batch: I think it was Philomath, Oregon

4. Favorite experience: My first batch was in block letters! Boy, that gave me the wrong expectation.

5. I learned about this award from the blog of: The Ancestry Insider (

If you want to help index, visit





Award Rules

To earn this award you must index or arbitrate at least one batch of the 1940 Census. Once you have submitted a batch:

1. Copy this entire post, including the rules.
2. Replace the answers to the questions.
3. If you wish, replace the badge with a different size or background. Pick from the choices at
3. Post on your blog.
4. Display the award with pride alongside other awards and badges on your site.

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